The Syngenta Pest Management business provides innovative and effective solutions for the management of insect, spider and rodent pests.

The portfolio of products now available from Syngenta includes some of the latest chemistry available along with brands professional pest controllers have trusted for many years. Using state of the art technology our products control pests indoors and out, in domestic and commercial situations.

 Advion Ant Gel


ADVION Ant Gel is a superior ant bait that targets most pest species of ants, including all key sweet feeders. By combining the unique active ingredient, indoxacarb and a widely attractive gel formulation, ADVION is a powerful new tool to control a broadspectrum of ants. The translucent, no odour, non-staining formulation maintains its integrity for extended periods allowing ants to consume more bait which results in control of the entire infestation.


  • Contains 0.5g/Kg Indoxacarb


For the control of Ants in the situations specified in the Directions for Use.


Advion Cockroach Gel


ADVION Cockroach Gel is a high performing product targeting a wide range of cockroaches. It contains indoxocarb, the first and only insecticide in the oxadiazines class of chemistry. ADVION also takes full advantage of the behaviours exhibited by cockroaches that leads to enhanced control. 


  • Fast, thorough control of a wide spectrum of cockroaches
  • New class of chemistry
  • Highly palatable bait
  • Stable formulation
  • Can be used in sensitive situations such as schools, restaurants and hospitals



  • Contain 6g/Kg Indoxacarb


For the control of Cockroaches in the situations specified in the Directions for Use.


Demand CS Insecticide


DEMAND is a broadspectrum insecticide with fast knockdown and excellent residual properties. It contains the fourth generation synthetic pyrethroid lambda-cyhalothrin which is protected by the state of the art iCAP polymer encapsulation technology. This technology is an advancement over the many suspension concentrates currently available and extends the longevity of control to up to 12 months indoors.


  • Longer lasting protection, less applications
  • 12 month indoor residual activity and up to 3 months outdoors
  • No odour, stains or visible residue
  • Performs on most surfaces including glass, brick and timber
  • Barrier spray to general perimeters to prevent reinfestation


  • Contains 25g/L Lambda-Cyhalothrin


For the control of cockroaches, spiders, fleas, ants, flies, silverfish and mosquitoes as per the directions for use table.


 Talon WB Rodenticide


TALON is a highly palatable, effective and trusted rodenticide. TALON wax blocks are moisture and weather resistant. TALON contains a human taste deterrent (bittering agent) and in the case of accidental ingestion the antidote vitamin K1 is readily available.


  • Kills rats and mice with a single feed
  • Highly attractive to rodents
  • Less bait required, therefore very cost effective 
  • Kills rodents that are resistant to other rodenticides
  • Clean and easy to use       


  • Contains 0.05g/Kg Brodifacoum


Ready to use block bait for use in damp or dry situations in and around industrial, commercial, public services, agricultural and domestic buildings.  Controls rodents resistant to other anticoagulants, including warfarin, coumatetralyl and bromadiolone.